Hybrid Events

Hybrid Events can take many forms ranging from a simple broadcast out from a live event to a virtual platform, through to full multi-hub events with presenters and participants in multiple locations - all linked up via video conferencing solutions. 

We believe the 'sweet spot' between having everybody in the room together and a purely online conference, is a multi hub hybrid conference.

Countries or regions gather in local clusters, have group work and/or breakouts together, but then come together for plenary and feedback globally online with presenters on stage in each location.  

We arrange set, staging and multi-screen AV in each hub location and manage the complex technical provision to allow presenters to be seen on stage between locations. 

Advantages of a multi-hub Hybrid Event can include:

  • Less long haul flights, more sustainable


  • Makes events possible when international travel restrictions are in place


  • Delegates back at their own desks in their own country the following day, not travelling long haul to return home


  • Reduced accommodation costs as audience are in their own city


  • More people able to be invited in their local hub as travel and accommodation costs lower 


  • Still engaging, still has an element of face to face, togetherness, teamwork in local hubs

We have significant experience in managing the technical infrastructure to make this possible, through global AV sourcing and management leaving nothing to chance in any local hub.

We believe that business thrives when people come together.

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